Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Ego of Gary Null and the Sickness Running the World

Forgive me for bringing this up again, but I guess that I'm highly fascinated by people who are so morbidly fascinated with themselves.  I'm finding that, for most of the people that I've admired in my life, it's better not to look too close.  It can be so very disappointing when you do.  It's not that you just find out that they are, after all, just human.  It's that you find out that they are severely flawed humans.  Worse than most.  Sick even.  Most of the people that I truly admire are the ones that I think really care about humanity and the Whole of Life.  And yet, those are the ones I have often found out only truly care about themselves and gain a lot of attention by putting on a show of caring for us all.

There are a rare few exceptions... At least it appears there are...  I think Ron Paul is one.  Clark Baker appears to be another.

Have you been to Gary Null's website?  The home page alone lists the name "Gary" or "Gary Null" no less than 18 times, that I counted, and there could be some I missed.  What do you think the main topic and concern of Gary Null's website is?  Well, it's obviously Gary Null and what Gary Null can sell.  It's not about health.  It's not about AIDS or HIV.  It's not about you at all.  Those are all side issues and props.  It's about promoting Gary Null.

This article is not all about Gary Null though.

Gary Null is just one obvious example of a dangerously over-inflated ego.  He is not, by a long shot, the only one.  And he's supposedly on the good side!!  But should we prop up and encourage this type of person simply because they appear to be doing some good?  Well, Gary Null refuses to help others that are also doing good because he wants to be the "top dog".  I think this is a huge hindrance in the long run.  Again, it is because of the type of personality that Gary Null has that we are in such trouble now.  The deeper cause behind the symptoms.

We all need to pitch in and help and if one person decides they don't want to support others in helping because they are afraid they'll lose their position as the "expert", then I think they actually end up slowing us all down and need to be taken down from their position.  The focus becomes them instead of the message.

We do NOT need people like Gary Null.  Our stance is not that feeble.  We just need to realize it.

A member of the forum summed it up very succinctly this way:

         "Behind many individuals who have achieved a lot in various fields lies an extremely disturbed wounded self that seeks to shield itself from from its humanness behind a mask of authority and role playing power games. I know a fair amount about Gary Null from friends of mine who know him in NYC. I had the occasion to meet him when he came to San Diego to interview myself and others for one of his videos - I saw right through him - an obsessive compulsive power mad ego manic - hiding a very needy vulnerable wounded self that has long ago made a bargain with the devil by escaping behind a false persona "big shot" identity."

         "The statement made by Gary Null is very revealing in that it shows that his focus has nothing to do with the subject and everything to do with how he uses issues as personal props. Anyone who has a real relationship with a subject would be open to new information and welcome the input of new voices. Gary Nulls egocentric addictions betrayed his false persona by revealing what is behind  the mask."

        "The exact same false self egomania is the bottom line characteristic of everyone of the Aids automaton alleged experts. For that matter this sociopathic bottom line dynamic of self survival is what tragically defines most experts in every field. It is the role playing and the power / protection / control issue which are really driving the whole show."

        "The reason why I believe that scientific debates are useless in the Hiv /Aids psychopathology is precisely because the issue is the psychopathology of the phony experts. Hiding behind the masks of expert, MD, Phd - we find essentially incompetent impostors who are expert at self survival and acting. There is not much emotional and psychic difference between the the fictional expertise of Gary Null and Robert Gallo. Once the Faustian deal with the devil has been made, the selling of the soul for fake power becomes the rational for living and rationalizations of every imaginable type are used to justify anything."

        "Thank Gary Null for the insight into how and why people can be so utterly shallow and stupid. It takes a great deal of addictive self defensive practice to create such a degree of unreality."

And then another poster added:

"I believe the word here you're looking for is:  Poseur"
"One who affects some behavior, style, attitude or other condition, often to impress or influence others."

I think all sociopaths are poseurs.  The most dangerous aspect of a sociopath is having NO conscious and yet being able to put on the show that they are exceptionally empathetic.

Read this excerpt from "The Sociopath Next Door: The Ruthless vs. the Rest of Us" to more fully understand what I'm talking about.

I also bring this up because I think that if we are to get anywhere in getting out the message of the truth about HIV and AIDS, we are going to have to deal with the people who have put themselves in the place of "running the show".  Some of these are seriously ill people.  This whole paradigm has been built on the very strong need of sociopaths to fulfill a deep hunger for attention and recognition regardless of whether it is for anything substantial or meaningful or whether it it hurtful to everybody.  I think they even begin to believe their own lies.  On the other hand, after years of being dumbed downed and confused by fluoride placed in the water by more sociopahts, the masses out there are also hungry for someone to lead them and tell them what to do.  The sociopath is more than willing to step up and take the role.  It's the perfect recipe for disaster on an epic scale.  It's what we are seeing being played out before us all over the world and in America specifically.  George W Bush is a very prominent example of a sociopath.

We have to notice that these people create a construct or image of something that people begin to give a reality of it's own, apart from the people who created it.  We begin to fight "AIDS" and "HIV".  Or we are fighting the "New World Order" or the "Establishment".  These things do not have any reality unless we give it to them.  There are individual people that need to be confronted and dealt with.  This is what is powerful about Clark Baker's investigation.  He is confronting the individuals that are hiding behind the big scary monster that they have created to hide themselves behind.  The individuals behind these huge monsters are not so powerful when you get them alone, one-on-one.  They start whining like babies, throwing things and crying for daddy.  They need the mob behind them and the big scary special effects in front of them to keep up the scam of being a big powerful entity.  Most of them are pathetic, powerless pipsqueaks.  We need to stop fighting the "FDA", the "medical industry", the "AIDS industry", etc., and begin targeting those people behind them... Outright and by name.  I think many of these agencies and organizations were originally meant to help protect us from the people who are now running them.  We need to start learning to protect ourselves.

We cannot let them continue to scream for rights as individuals apart from the bogey man they have created because they are the bogey man and they are hurting everyone.  These individual people are the monsters.

We need to get the uninformed, brainwashed people to start looking at the jobs they are holding.  What exactly are they supporting by being that secretary that answers the phone at the local FDA office?  All those clerks and people "just doing their jobs" and not really hurting anyone.  I say yes they ARE hurting people too because these agencies couldn't exist without using these people as a foundation to run on.  If these huge organizations didn't have anyone working for them they couldn't function.  These evil people need other people to do their dirty work for them while they keep their hands clean.  They will never admit to doing anything wrong.

So maybe those of us who truly wish to see positive change need to make a list of these individuals who are destroying so many lives.  We need to publish their email addresses, their phone numbers, their public positions and begin to shine powerfully bright lights on them, the light of Truth.  When they scurry like cockroaches we'll remove the rocks they are hiding under and shine even more lights on them.  Then we can pull them out and put them on trial.  And then sentence them to no less than taking their own medicine, eating their own genetically modified foods and preservatives, vaccinating them with their own viruses, etc..  Since these things are all good for us then this shouldn't be such a bad punishment, right?  If we are to believe them, they should actually live forever and be the happiest, healthiest people on earth.

Gary Null's response to Clark Baker and Gallo's Eggg
Open letter to Gary Null about Clark Baker and Gallo's Egg


Joseph said...

I think This letter is a rock thrown and a hand hidden. If you feel it is more important to talk about someone on a personal website, then maybe you shouldn't have one or delete yours. If this is all you can say/find damming about a man whose body of work, team, citations, speak in spades of positivity. You are a sad person. The only reward you will receive is that of a scared, lost, derelict, looking for purpose on the wrong side of the tracks. You and your cronies, should be ashamed of yourselves and fight the good fight.

S O U L L E S S A U T O M A T O N S said...

Yep. Gary is the hidden master of promotion. So masterful it's always there in front of the message he is proporting.
It's rediculous at this point.
He's running out of stories. His associations at PRN
are suspect (Michel Kiacko - he's a futurist not a natural scientist)
He will always fall back on a quick answer with Watch the Video or Read the book. I find his Videos not conclusive and leave gaps. They are usually a series of his constant - talking heads talking what they talk. Some material is definitily inspired and newly shared but
there is always the sale first. The response you got sounds like a robot.